Asikin Hasan

Asikin studied sculpture at the Visual Arts Department of the Bandung Institute of Technology.  He worked as a reporter for the news magazine TEMPO covering West Java.
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Ayu Utami

Ayu Utami is a leading voice among the new generation of Indonesian artists and writers emerging after the fall of Suharto.
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Eko Endarmoko

Moko studied literature at the University of Indonesia.  His essays and critiques have been published in a variety of media including Basis, Horison, Kalam, Kompas, Sinar Harapan, Berita Buana, Berita Nasional, and Suara Karya.
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Goenawan Mohamad

Founder and chief editor of Tempo newsmagazine (1971-1998), Goenawan Mohamad is also one of Indonesia’s foremost poets, essayists and public intellectuals.
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Hasif Amini

An AFS exchange student in New Zealand in 1988-89, he went on to study economics at the University of Indonesia, but later dropped out and worked as a freelance translator and editor.
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Mohamad Guntur Romli

A prolific freelance columnist and political analyst for prominent Indonesian media, Guntur's essays that provide a liberal interpretation of Islam have been compiled into many books such as Ustadz, Saya Sudah di Surga (Ustadz, I am already in Heaven).
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Nirwan Dewanto

Nirwan writes poetry, essays, and in other literary genres.  He has taken part in a number of residencies, including at the International House in Tokyo, Japan; University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin, USA; International Writing Program at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, USA.
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Tony Prabowo

Born in Malang in 1956, Tony is one of the most prominent composers of contemporary music in Indonesia, recognized for his numerous collaborations with renowned choreographers, visual artists, poets, theatre directors and film-makers.
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