Demo Masak

Literature & Taste
Cooking Demonstration
With Chef Alejandra Yick Álvarez (Mexico)

Saturday, 20 May 2017, 10:00 AM-01.00 PM
ESAS; Jl. Empu Sendok 39 Jakarta Selatan

Cooking class and lunch IDR500,000
Lunch only IDR350,000
(Limited seats)

Aya: [email protected] atau 0811-8333-905
Ines: [email protected]

Chef Alejandra Yick Álvarez will share her expertise and Pueblan kitchen secrets, using ingredients and spices from at least three (sub)continents—the Americas, Europe, and the Arabian peninsula. Puebla, Alejandra Yick's hometown, is known for its mole poblano, often considered the quintessential Mexican dish. Alejandra Yick now lives in Jakarta, learning about the traditions and cultures of Indonesia, especially those related to its culinary heritage. After the cooking demonstration, we will sit down together to enjoy the completed dishes.

This event is Komunitas Salihara cooperation with ESAS (Empu Sendok Art Space)


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