Makan Malam Sastra (A Literary Dinner)

Literature & Taste
Makan Malam Sastra (A Literary Dinner)
With Alejandra Yick Álvarez (Mexico)

Thursday, 04 May 2017, 07:00-10:00 PM
ESAS; Jl. Empu Sendok 39 Jakarta Selatan

Price: IDR350,000/person (limited seats)

For more information, please contact
Aya: [email protected] atau 0811-8333-905
Ines: [email protected]

Mexico is a country whose unique culinary heritage is well known around the world. Long before the arrival of European colonizers, the local populace had been developing recipes that made good use of local produce—avocado, cacao (chocolate), root vegetables, and different varieties of capsicum (chili peppers). Mexico’s Spanish colonizers, who as a nation had themselves experienced eight centuries of Muslim imperialism, brought with them Arabic influences in their own culinary traditions. Three continents come together in the melting pot that is Mexico. Alejandra Yick received her degree in Culinary Arts from the Swiss Institute of Gastronomy and Hospitality. In addition to delectable dinner dishes, participants will be regaled with a live reading of a selection of Mexican literary gems.

This event is Komunitas Salihara cooperation with ESAS (Empu Sendok Art Space)


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