Program January-March 2019


Now heading into its 11th year, Komunitas Salihara has been walking alongside and providing a space for new talents in Indonesia.

We wish to be clearer in our endeavor. This year’s Helateater and Helatari will present young artists selected from an open call.

This year, we will hold—for the third time—Kompetisi Karya Trimatra (Three-Dimensional Art Competition) that has proven to be an event that introduces new names to enrich artistic landscape.

Through exhibitions at Galeri Salihara, we wish to highlight the historicity of art, about the Bandung School for instance. Alongside these exhibitions are events that emphasize upon education for the public.

This year we will also hold LIFEs (Literature and Ideas Festival) which has been our annual event since 2017. Kompetisi Kritik Sastra untuk Siswa SMA (Literary Criticism Competition for High School Students) is part of this event.

Moving forward, we hope to host more educational programs or programs for self-improvement that are not limited to the existing Acting, Writing, and Philosophy courses.

We wish you a happy new year 2019.


Nirwan Dewanto

Program Director


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