To Manage An “arts Center” Is To Develop A Shared Learning Experience And Process

It is to encourage a variety of experiments in art, and to stimulate the emergence of new artistic and art-managerial talents; these are always interconnected with the efforts to create a society of discerning audience. Creativity is for everyone: artists, arts stakeholders, and the audience. An advanced and democratic society is a society that nurtures imagination and creativity.

Increasing educational content is an important part of our work these past three to four years. We have held a series of creative writing classes and acting classes; our philosophy courses, for instance, are open to the public. Literary tours to Bogor and Surakarta, in addition to the Yogyakarta arts tour received encouraging appreciation.

In terms of performing arts and visual arts programs, we try as best we can to involve the audience through artist meet-and-greets, discussions, and workshops. A number of society’s leading figures engage in public lectures on various social issues. We will continue to develop an environment of learning such as this.

This year’s series of mini festivals comprises of Jazz Buzz, Theaterfest and Dancefest, showcasing young talents and new works. We will host Salihara Literary Biennale (for the ninth time), highlighting Latin America as its theme. It is a way for us to reflect upon the closeness we share with this region, and how the themes that emerged from the continent had once enriched Indonesia’s sociocultural imagination—for instance on dependency theories, liberation theology, “magic realism” in art and literature.

And there we have it, dear audience. Your support and participation are crucial to the development of Komunitas Salihara. Happy New Year 2017.


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