The Fourth Salihara Festival: An Introduction

The Salihara Festival is a biennial event that features some of the best in performance art. For a whole month, the festival will present works by numerous art groups and companies from Indonesia, Australia, the Netherlands, Finland, Canada, and Spain. Their presentations provide us with diversity, innovation, and virtuosity in forms and artistic visions.

            Salihara Festival is dedicated to the audiences who, in addition to expanding their horizons for appreciation, are also actively developing themselves. We believe that a successful art experimentation can be pleasurable; that earnest creativity will elevate our quality of life together.

            Salihara Festival, now in its fourth edition, showcases the latest performing art works by established names with high reputations on the world stage, as well as new names and faces that will only gain more importance in the future. The combination of all of these elements provide us with a rare and memorable inter-cultural landscape that is sure to set milestones as well.

            Salihara Festival also proudly presents a number of installation art works created especially for the open spaces in Komunitas Salihara. For the youths amongst our audience, a number of indie bands will take to the stage on certain evenings; we are also holding a photo contest with the Festival as the subject. Taken in its entirety, Salihara Festival is a party gathering to celebrate the imagination.

            Salihara Festival is realized through the generous support from various parties—sponsors, donors, media partners, friends of Salihara, and of course, all participating artists. We wish to convey our deepest gratitude to each and everyone.

            Salihara Festival is a way for all of us to nurture the founts of creativity, to attain a healthier, more open and plural public life. Welcome to the 4th Salihara Festival—and we hope you have an enjoyable time celebrating with us.

Komunitas Salihara

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  1. Linda Holub says:
    Can you please send me a program for this year's festival as I cannot see one on your website. Thank you.

  2. sumana says:
    I cannot access the current schedule of events on the website for some reason. Where can I get a copy of the programs being held this month (October)? Thank you.
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