Salihara Theater

Delhi 2 Dublin
Teater Salihara
Wednesday, March 23, 2011, 08:30 PM
Tickets Rp  | Students Rp (limited seating)

Delhi 2 Dublin
This quintet is known for energetic music: mixing electronic and acoustic music with reggae, hip hop, and a healthy DJ sensibility. Consisting of five musicians from diverse backgrounds and musical influences makes Delhi 2 Dublin appear as a group who produces musical collaborations with links to and energy from Bhangra, Celtic, Dub Reggae and Electronic.

They have worked together for more than four years and recently released their third album, Planet Electric, regarded as successfully bridging Asian and Celtic influences with unique compositions and packaging ethnic elements with soaring blasts of rhythm. Tarun Nayar (tabla, electronics), Sanjay Seran (vox), Kytami (fiddle), Andrew Kim (electronic sitar, guitar), Sara Fitzpatrick (violin), Jaron Freeman (violin), and Ravi Binning (dhol) have appeared in various festivals mainly in Canada and the United States, such as the Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle; The Chicago World Music Festival, Chicago; Earthdance, California; Popkomm, Berlin; The Bali Spirit Festival, Bali; The Calgary Folk Festival, Calgary; and in The Stern Grove Festival, San Francisco.

This program is supported by the embassy of Canada.




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