Q! Film Festival

Gangor (2010)

Salihara Gallery

Q! Film Festival
Thursday, October 06, 2011, 05:00 PM
(dur: 90”)
Director: Italo Spinelli
India, 2010
In English, Bengali, Tribal with English subtitles
gangor indo
Inspired by the short story “Choli Ke picche” (Behind the Bodice) written by Mahaswesta Devi, Gangor is the story of a photoreporter Upin, sent to West Bengal for a reportage on the violance that the tribal women face. In Purulia, accompanied by his assistant Ujan, while he is photographing a group of women at work, Upin sees Gangor and is deeply moved by the image of the woman breastfeeding her baby. The photo is published on the front page of newspapers and the life of Gangor changes completely. Upin, after returning to his wife, obsessed by the image of Gangor, decides to return to Purulia to find her. Upin will find out that he has become, without wanting to, the intrument of the same violence he was trying to stop.

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