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Islamic Expression: Commercialization and Pop Culture
Speakers: Asrori S. Karni & Yasraf Amir Piliang

Serambi Salihara | Wednesday, August 08, 2012, 04:00 PM
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Ekspresi Keislaman

Expressions of piety in industry and pop culture have become an interesting phenomenon among Moslems today. Preaching and business are inseparable like two sides of a coin.  Music, fashion, and life style with Islamic labels in essence are no different from pop culture and glamorous life styles.  How do we understand this phenomenon?  Is piety becoming more widespread or is a kind of superficial approach towards religious teachings taking place because of the priority given to style and symbols?  According to Greg Fealy in Expressing Islam: Religious Life and Politics in Indonesia (Indonesian edition: Ustadz Seleb, Komunitas Bambu, 2012) this phenomenon shows an increasing openness in Islam. Is that true? Or is this an “Islamization” that is not needed?

This discussion will question to what extent expressions of Islam influence understandings of Islam itself and also how industry and pop culture have made those expressions expand further and become forms that are interesting on the surface, but far from deep.  The discussion presents Asrori S. Karni, journalist and graduate of Islamic State University (UIN), Ciputat, and Yasraf Amir Piliang, lecturer at the Bandung Institute of Technology.

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