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Ing Raga (In the Body)

Salihara Theater

Festival Salihara IVIng Raga (In the Body)  |  Director: Yudi Ahmad Tajudin (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Teater Salihara | Saturday—Sunday, October 6—7, 2012, 08:00 PM
Duration: 75 mins | Tickets: Rp50,000, Students: Rp25,000

Ing Raga is a dance-theater performance, weaving events and images of the body, movement, sound, and composition. As a theater performance, it does not have a linear plot—instead, it appears as a series of continuously moving images and atmospheres that does not come to a complete stop even at the end. As a dance performance, it is not limited to a series of movements and forms, but delves into meditative moments on (powers of) the body. These are moments that situate the kind of awareness that seeks to ask and reflect upon the issues of a mortal body; of centers that slips away through centrifugal forces of opposition; issues of death, bitterness, decay, sanctification, and questions about sins (“Duh, apa dosaning raga? Oh, what on earth are the sins of the body?)

All of these are enveloped in music that tries to maximize the erhu (Chinese fiddle), as a replacement of the Javanese rebab. The music accompanying this performance is comprised of layers of sounds, utilizing the traditional pelog and slendro scales, supported by a variety of sounds from other instruments. It will also feature a trail of lyrical poetry penned by Goenawan Mohamad.

Ing RagaIng Raga is a contemporary dance-theater performance inspired by bedhaya traditional dance of the Surakarta royal court. It is a reinterpretation of Panji Sepuh, a dance performance created and directed by Sulistyo Tirtokusumo and several other artists in 1993. 

This is a collaboration between Yudi Ahmad Tajudin, Tony Prabowo, dan Goenawan Mohamad. Yudi nurtures his experience of staging dance-theater through his involvement with Teater Garasi, Yogyakarta. Meanwhile, Tony Prabowo and Goenawan Mohamad have collaborated in a number of operatic performances, such as The King's Witch (2006) and Tan Malaka (2010). Most recently, the three of them collaborated to present Panji Sepuh (2011).

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