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Nirasmara (Sex Strike)

Salihara Gallery

Nira SwaraNirasmara (Sex Strike)
Wayang Climen (Solo, Indonesia) | Puppet Master : Ki Jlitheng Suparman
Galeri Salihara | Thursday—Friday, September 27—28,  2012, 08:00 PM
Tickets: Rp50,000, Students: Rp25,000


Nirasmara is a Greek play infused with Javanese expressions. This play is an adaptation of Aristophanes’s classic Greek play, Lysistrata that tells the story of the looming war between Athens and Sparta. As the story goes, the women in both city-states are persuaded to withhold sex as means of dissuading war. Wayang Climen transports this string of events into a wayang setting, at the eve of the Bharatayudha war brewing between Pandawa and Kurawa families. Hoping to prevent this civil war, Sumbadra and the other women in the Kingdom of Astina and of Amarta decide to abstain from sex.

Wayang Climen
By staging this show, Wayang Climen has expanded the purwa repertoire, which has so far derived most—if not all—of its materials from the epic narratives of Mahabharata and Ramayana. They have also staged Semar Gugat (Semar Accuses), an adaptation of Semar Mencari Raga (Semar in Search of a Body), a novel by Sindhunata; as well as adaptations of classical plays, such as Widarakandhang (from the play, Kangsa Adu Jago [Kangsa Cockfighting]) and Dewa Ruci.

Wayang Climen embodies the act of breaking down boundaries of wayang purwa plays. They aim to present wayang shows that are formatively simpler, with shorter durations and smaller musical ensembles, which do not require large venues, and are cheaper to stage. They also place significant emphasis on the strength of wayang purwa, as a form of traditional oral literature that is more communicative and has the potential to reach a wider audience.

Puppet master Ki Jlitheng Suparman graduated from the Javanese Literature Department, Faculty of Letters, UNS Surakarta. Even as a student he proved his abilities by making the top ten at the 50 Puppeteers Festival in Solo (1995). In 2000, he founded Wayang Kampung Sebelah (Wayang from the Neighboring Village), a wayang purwa troupe known for its satirical and humorous delivery through characters derived from everyday lives. Ten years later, he founded Wayang Climen.

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