Street Photography Class


April 08, 2017 - May 06, 2017,
02:00 PM
Salihara Lobby

Mentor: Erik Prasetya
Ticket: IDR2.000.000

Street photography is quickly gaining in popularity around the world. In Indonesia, whose position on the equator causes provide less than ideal lighting, and whose urban landscape is not exactly the best, street photography becomes a bit more challenging, and demands a distinct technical, ethical, and aesthetic approach. Then, we must also consider the ethics of photography. A number of cities around the world have started to prohibit photography in public spaces in consideration of personal spaces.

The class will be based at Komunitas Salihara, with trips to a number of interesting places in Jakarta for some hands-on experience. Participants are required to bring their own camera and photography equipment—a pocket camera is the minimum; cameraphones are not recommended. Each participant will receive study guides and a certificate.

Erik Prasetya was named as one of the 20 Most Influential Asian Photographers of 2012, based on a survey carried out by Invisible Photographer Asia.