Oedipus di Kolonus dan Pembunuh yang Adil


April 01 - 02, 2017,
08:00 PM
Teater Salihara

Performers: Kelas Akting Salihara 2017
Director: Iswadi Pratama (Bandar Lampung)
Open to the public

Open to the public

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Salihara's 2017 Acting Class will present two performances. Level 1 students will perform Rendra's interpretation of Oedipus at Colonus. This play is the second of Sophocles’s three Theban plays and narrates the life of King Oedipus after being exiled from Thebes. Oedipus di Kolonus will be staged on Saturday, April 01, 2017.

Level 2 students will present Pembunuh yang Adil, translated from Les Justes by Albert Camus. The play follows a group of Russian revolutionaries conspiring to murder Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich, uncle to the Tsar of Russia, an event later known as the 1905 Revolution. Pembunuh yang Adil will be staged on Sunday, April 02, 2017.

Both plays will be directed by Iswadi Pratama, who have mentored Salihara's Acting Class from the very beginning. Iswadi has adapted both scripts to reflect Stanislavski's realist approach to acting, as taught to students of Salihara's 2017 Acting Class.