Salihara Theater


Teater Salihara, the first black box theater in Indonesia, can seat up to 252 people.  The theater with its soundproofed walls is also complete with the latest modern equipment for stage, sound, and lighting as well as a dressing room.  The roof of Teater Salihara is designed as an open-air theater, called Teater Atap Salihara (Salihara Rooftop Theater).

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Salihara Gallery


In contrast to the buildings of most galleries, Galeri Salihara is cylindrical in shape with a slightly oval curve.  The interior with its curved walls and no corners provides a wider viewing space.  An all purpose room and café with an open-air view are located on the ground floor of this building. http://galeri.salihara.org/en/

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Salihara Lounge


This room located beneath Galeri Salihara can be used for discussions, public lectures, or film screenings—and can hold about 70 people.  Seramabi Salihara also functions as a waiting room with reading materials (books, magazines, and exhibition catalogues) which can only be read in this room.

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Salihara Rooftop Theater


This is an open-air space on the roof of Teater Salihara.  The roof with its floor of grass planted in soil also serves to collect rainwater which keeps Teater Salihara located beneath it cool.  As an open-air theater space, Teater Atap has been used for shadow puppet performances, music concerts, literary readings, film screenings, and art exhibition openings.  Teater Atap also has a mini bar which serves refreshments for audience members who come to enjoy a performance.

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Kopi Tiam Oey-Salihara Cafe


Waiting for a performance to begin or simply enjoying the atmosphere of Komunitas Salihara, you can sample dishes on the menu at the Kedai Salihara (Salihara Cafe) such as nasi bakar, mi yamien, pecel with daun kates, nasi rawon, and other typically Indonesian specialties; as well as snacks like pempek, tahu isi, and tempe mendoan.  A variety of hot and cold drinks, including fruit juices are also available.  Kedai Salihara (Salihara Cafe) provides free WiFi facilities. 

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Salihara Archive

Perpustakaan Salihara

Salihara Archive plays a role as a storage and data processing (manuscript, photograph, audio, video, and visual communication) of programs that held at Komunitas Salihara. Moreover, it collects all kind of books of literature, arts, and philosophy. For more information, please contact arsip@salihara.org

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