First and Foremost

  •  Why is it called Salihara? 

We adopted the name of the street on which our complex is located, Jalan Salihara, to make the complex easier to find and to merge with the surrounding environment.  “Salihara” itself originates from the name of a multi-blossom flower, the Saliara flower or Lantana camara L.  As it has multiple blossoms it suits our vision of pluralism and the spread of artistic and intellectual resources, so that we also took the image of this flower as the basis for our logo.

  •  Is Komunitas Saliohara an exclusive group?

No.  Although we use the word “komunitas” as the name, Komunitas Salihara actually refers to the art center complex, not an association or group that has specific members.  The word “komunitas” as we mean it, is more about the ties between whoever supports and participates in the arts activities and ideas that we hold at this arts center.  In this way, anyone can join in and become part of Komunitas Salihara.

  •  Is Komunitas Salihara open every day?

Basically Komunitas Salihara is open to the public and can be visited at any time.  Besides the schedule of events that can be found on the menu Events and Calendar, some of the other schedules you should know are as follows:

  • Kopitiam Oey Salihara, open daily from 09:00 AM—10:00 PM
  • Gerai Salihara, open every Monday—Saturday from 12:00 AM—08:00 PM
  • Salihara box office and contact information are open every Monday—Friday 09:00 AM—05:00 PM. When events are held, the operating hours are extended to 08:00 PM. On weekends and national holidays (if there are events) from 04:00—08:00 PM. 
  • Saliahara offices are open from Monday—Friday, 09:00 AM—05:00 PM.
  • How can I get the most up-to-date information on Salihara programs?

Please see the menu Events or Calendar on this site, or contact info@salihara.org.

Salihara Twitter account: @salihara

Facebook Salihara: http://www.facebook.com/salihara.org


  • How do I order tickets for a performance?

Please contact the box-office or our ticket sales staff at tiket@salihara.org or any of the following numbers 0817-077-1913, 0812-8184-5500, 0857-193-111-50, 0838-9963-036, 021-9974-5934, stating:

  • Full name
  • Telephone number 
  • Event and date you wish to attend 
  • Category of ticket you wish to purchase (student or general admission), and number of tickets. 

After that, you will be given information on the method of payment and confirmation.  Ticket orders not paid within 3 days will be automatically regarded as cancelled. 

  • How do I pay for performance tickets? 

Payment can be made directly at the Salihara box office, or via transfer to:

BCA No. 450-356-5555 a.n. Yay. Utan Kayu

Bank Permata No. 4000-678-231, a.n. Yayasan Utan Kayu

Payment via bank transfer must be preceded by ordering the ticket.  Payment is valid after proof of transfer is sent by fax to 021-781-8849 or emailed to tiket@salihara.org. After that, you will receive confirmation from us on the status of your ticket and how to retrieve it.

  • Can my ticket be exchanged for a ticket to a different performance?

We are sorry, but tickets that have been purchased cannot be refunded or exchanged for tickets to a different performance.

  • What is the seat numbering system at Salihara?

In Salihara performance spaces, the seats are not numbered to maintain the flexibility of the stage and seating arrangements.  Members of the audience are free to select seats in any row.

  • Who has the right to buy student tickets?

The category of student tickets is part of our initiative in implementing the mission of education/arts appreciation, in the form of subsidized tickets.  For that, those who have the right to buy student tickets are students in elementary school to S1 university students, by showing a Student ID card.


  • Does Salihara have dance or theater training studios?

No. Komunitas Salihara is an arts center, presenter and place for performances by arts groups including dance and theater, not a studio or training center.

  • How can I perform or show my work at Salihara?

There are two ways to be able to present at Salihara:

  • Become a Salihara program   

By becoming a Salihara program it means that your performance or art exhibition will be managed by Salihara; not only the technical aspects but also the documentation and publication.  If you are interested, please send a letter of request/proposal to the Program Section via program@salihara.org. The work that you propose will be screened and decided upon by a Board of Curators meeting for programs in the following year.

  • Rent space at Salihara    

If you do not wish to go through the curatorial selection procedure, you can rent space together with facilities at Komunitas Salihara.  For that, please contact the Space Rental Section via sewa@salihara.org.

  •  Can I buy a recording of performances that have been presented at Salihara?

Yes, performances at Salihara are recorded and some of the documentation is available for sale to the public.  For further information, please contact Gerai Salihara at 0878-210-88-369 or gerai@salihara.org.

  • Can children watch performances at Salihara?

In general the performances at Salihara are for adult audiences. However, a number of programs are also suitable for school age children.  Moreover, at certain times we offer programs especially for children.  For further information on each event, please contact program@salihara.org or info@salihara.org.

More about Salihara   

  • Where is Komunitas Salihara located? 

Salihara is located at Jl. Salihara No. 16, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta.  Precisely, Salihara is located between the campus of Universitas Nasional and Balai Rakyat Pasar Minggu. GPS: 6°17’1”S 106°50’17”E.

  • How do I reach Salihara by public transportation?
    • By Transjakarta

Use bus line 6 (from Halimun towards Ragunan). You can get off at the Pejaten stop to the left. Continue by taking a Mikrolet 36 (blue colored) from in front of Pejaten Village towards Jalan Salihara No. 16.  You can also get off at the Jati Padang stop. Get off on the right and continue by motorcycle taxi, OR get off on the left and walk straight towards the three-way intersection with a traffic light.  Turn left on Jalan Ragunan Raya and continue by taking Mikrolet 61 (blue colored) and get off at the Balai Rakyat.  Then walk north (turn left) towards Jalan Salihara No. 16.

  • By Bus   

Take Metromini 75 to Pasar Minggu. Stop at Balai Rakyat, then walk to the north (turn left) proceed to Jalan Salihara No. 16.

  • By Mikrolet (from Kampung Melayu)

From Kampung Melayu use Mikrolet M 16 towards Kampung Melayu-Pasar Minggu route.  Get off at Jalan Salihara No. 16 (300 m after UNAS).

  • By Train  

Take any train that goes to Pasar Minggu Station. When you arrive at the station continue by motorcycle taxi or walk (+/- 500 m) on Jalan Raya Ragunan.  Turn right at the three-way intersection of Balai Rakyat and continue walking to Jalan Salihara No. 16.

  •  Is there sufficient parking at Salihara?

Parking space at Komunitas Salihara can accommodate 30 cars and 60 motorcycles/ bicycles.  To accommodate more visitor vehicles, especially when there is an event, the neighborhood around Komunitas Salihara provides additional parking spaces.


  • Can the public rent rooms and space at Salihara?

Yes.  Rooms and space at Salihara can be rented by the public as long as it does not conflict with our scheduled programs.

  • Can rooms and space at Salihara only be rented for activities related to arts and culture? 

No. Rooms and space at Salihara can be rented for any activities, except for political party campaigns and religious worship/rituals.

  • Can Salihara be used as a photographic location?

Yes. Rooms and space at Salihara can become a place for taking photographs both by the media as well as the public, according to the specifications of the rental agreement.

  • How do I rent rooms and space at Salihara?

Please contact our staff at 021-789-1202 ext. 305, 0838-9963-036, or send an email to sewa@salihara.org.


  • May we bring food/drinks into the performance space?

No. The audience is strictly forbidden to eat, drink or smoke in the performance spaces.  Remains of food/drink can leave unpleasant smells or invite insects which threaten the cleanliness of the space and building.

  • Can I photograph during a performance that is in progress?

No. Only Komunitas Salihara staff or event organizers are allowed to photograph.  The light from the screen of a digital camera disturbs others sitting nearby, especially when the audience area is darkened while the performance is in progress.  Sounds from cameras not only disturb other people seated nearby, but also performers and the audio recording being made.  If you need photographs, please come to the information table.

  • May I enter the performance space if the performance has already begun? 

No. People who come late will not be allowed to enter the performance space because it can disturb the performance in progress.

  • May I request a special seating position?

Requests for special seating are only available for difabled people.

Joining Salihara    

  • How can I join Komunitas Salihara?

Basically Komunitas Salihara does not have special members.  As a cultural enclave, Komunitas Salihara is open to the general public.  In this way, you can “join” by attending programs held throughout the year.

  • How do I submit a job application to Salihara?‚óŹ

Please send your CV to sdm@salihara.org.

  • Does Salihara provide internship opportunities?  

Yes. Salihara provides opportunities for internships for university students interested in the performing arts.  Please send a letter to request an internship together with a letter of introduction from your campus to sdm@salihara.org.

  • Can I join Salihara as a volunteer?  

Yes. Salihara is also open to volunteers who wish to assist our operational activities.  Please send a letter of request to sdm@salihara.org.



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