Panggung Tari Baru


June 22 - 23, 2019,
08:00 PM (Saturday) 04:00 PM (Sunday)
Salihara Black Box

Performers: Anis Harliani Kencana Eka Putri (Bandung), Ayu Permata Dance Company (Yogyakarta), Eyi Lesar (Jakarta)

Public: IDR65.000

Student: IDR35.000

Holy Body
Choreographer: Anis Harliani Kencana Eka Putri (Bandung)

The choreogapher observes that, in Bandung, there exists an ideal which women dancers must measure up to if they want to receive (commercial) dance commissions. Holy Body is presented as a documentary dance that builds upon this research. It questions whether there really is an ideal body type for dance aesthetics. Anis Harliani is a choreographer who has previously collaborated on Us/Not Us (2018), a production of Bandung Performing Arts Forum at Asian Dramaturg Network. She previously participated in the Promising New Choreographers Program at Indonesia Dance Festival 2018.


Ayu Permata Dance Company (Lampung-Yogyakarta)
Choreographer: Ayu Permata Sari

This work develops on the ‘samber melayang’ motif, part of a greater motif in the Sigeh Pengunten (Siger Penguntin) dance from Lampung, which is usually performed to welcome important and esteemed guests. Here, though, the dance will be performed sans music, and the dancers will wear simple day-to-day costumes. Ayu Permata Sari has collaborated with foreign choreographers such as Eisa Jocson (Philippines), Bethani (USA), Edgar Freire (Ecuador), and Anne Maria (Germany). She received the Jasa Bakti award at ASIA Technology and Arts Festival, Johor, Malaysia (2018).


Ad Interim
Choreographer: Eyi Lesar (Jakarta)

Ad Interim highlights the differences and contraries that exist in a society that should have instead worked toward harmony and existential balance. A single dancer collaborates with musician(s) in a performance augmented by motion sensor technology, thus blending motion, music, and light direction. Eyi Lesar received the Hibah Seni Inovatif grant from Yayasan Kelola for his work, Who Are You (2018). She participated in Salihara’s SIPFest dance showcase in 2018.