Si Majenun dan Sayid Hamid

Conversations on Books

Tuesday, February 20, 2018,
07:30 PM
Black Box Theater

Writer: Goenawan Mohamad

Free of Charge

Don Quixote, the most celebrated novel in Spanish literature will soon be published in its entirety in the Indonesian language. This 400-year old work by Cervantes is currently being translated by Apsanti Djokosujatno with Yayasan Obor as publisher.

In Si Majenun dan Sayid Hamid, Goenawan Mohamad will discuss interesting topics related to the novel—its connection to history, its relationship with faith and with modernity. This 200-page book is a series of short conversations around Don Quixote, the creative process and history behind it.

At this book launch, Goenawan Mohamad will also talk about Don Quixote and Islam.