Indonesianness and Chineseness: The Case of Sumpah Pemuda


Thursday, October 18, 2018,
07:00 PM
Salihara Lobby

Speakers: Didi Kwartanada & Andi Achdian
Moderator: Ignatius Haryanto

The Second Youth Congress in Batavia, 27-28 October 1928, which resulted in a landmark declaration better known as Sumpah Pemuda, or Youth Pledge, drew participants from a broad array of ethnic-based youth organizations across Indonesia. Chinese peranakan youths also participated in the Congress. Four years later, on 25 September 1932, The Indonesian Chinese Party (PTI) was founded. It fervently supported the fight for Indonesia's independence.

Here, we will discuss the impact or influence of Sumpah Pemuda on peranakan youths and their choice to cleave to the Indonesian cause, rather than side with China or the Dutch. Drawing a connective thread to today, we ask: how do we reconsider nationalism in the midst of the endless discrimination and persecution against minority groups? Do we really need to perpetuate ethnic identity in Indonesia today?