Re-reading Chairil Anwar

Speakers: Zen Hae and Hasan Aspahani

Wednesday, May 2, 2018,
07:00 PM
Salihara Lobby

Photo Exhibition: Oscar Motuloh

Chairil Anwar (1922-1949) is arguably the most influential poet in modern Indonesian poetry. However, most readers and even reviewers tend to look at his poems within the narrow constraints of their association with the "wild animal". A close reading of his works have only been attempted rarely.

With Zen Hae (litterateur and literary critic) and Hasan Aspahani (poet, and writer of Chairil Anwar's biography), this discussion will probe into the poet's life, surrounded by literature—in the world of literature—and how he is connected to modernist works today. We will also explore how his works connect with other poetry-writing traditions in Indonesia and around the world.

The event kicks off with a photo exhibition documenting some of Chairil Anwar's manuscripts, taken by the photographer Oscar Motuloh.