The Indonesian Language and Today's Generation


Wednesday, October 17, 2018,
07:00 PM
Salihara Lobby

Speakers: Ivan Lanin & Cania Citta Irlanie
Moderator: Fariq Alfaruqi

Sumpah Pemuda, the Youth's Pledge, underscores a connection among young bumiputera of the Dutch East Indies. They were brought together not only by their shared homeland, but also by one language, Bahasa Indonesia. The Indonesian language itself has experienced significant transformations over the year, from when it was first acknowledged constitutionally as Indonesia's national language.

This discussion will look into the Indonesian language as used among Indonesia's youths today in a time when the Internet is being used pervasively, augmented by boundless global communications. Why do the children of today (kids zaman 'now', as they are often labelled) prefer to use the English language rather than the Indonesian language? What does Nationalism mean for today's generation?