20 Years of Reformation: Have our Knowledge Culture and Rationality Advanced?

Public Lecture

Tuesday, May 15, 2018,
07:00 PM
Teater Salihara

Speaker: Karlina Supelli

Two decades after the Reformation, our democracy is still struggling to overcome its primordial elements. Real Democracy is the true child of knowledge culture, but our "democracy", as we see it today, is a hotbed of irrationality as seen in the use of social media, political discourse and rampant bureaucracy.

Has democracy—this environment of competing ideas and programs—been observed? Is our society, which so readily embraces new gadgets, learning to love knowledge and to nurture a scientifically-curious spirit? Have the Indonesian people become more entrenched in communitarianism, or have they cultivated the ability to become a liberated individual?  What about the development of "religious culture" that has become more dominant particularly in light of the latest scientific developments?

Presenting on this subject is Karina Supelli, a lecturer in philosophy who played an active role in the 1998 Reform movement.