LIFEs 2018 celebrates literature on stage. Modern literature is certainly based on or organized around individual reading experiences. But we also like to be part of a collective of some sort, and to engage our other senses. So, literature finds its way onto the stage. This year, LIFEs presents a performance of Don Quixote by Goenawan Mohamad, a presentation of poetry and electronic vocal effects by Sonority Turner (UK), a group story-building workshop with Papermoon Puppet Theatre (Yogyakarta), and many more.

LIFEs is an annual festival of literature and ideas, but the size of its programming differ on even and odd-numbered years. In odd-numbered years, LIFEs is held throughout the whole month of October. In even-numbered years, LIFEs is held only for a week in the same month. LIFEs programming highlights both classic works and the latest in current literature and ideas.