• Film


    Latin American Cinema

    Saturday, September 23, 2017, 05:00 PM

    Music Studio

    Starring    : Linnett Hernandez Valdes, Rafael Lahera, Armando Tomey
    Director    : Rogelio Paris
    Country    : Kuba


    Duration: 96 Minutes

Kangamba is a look at the war that occurred in the People’s Republic of Angola in 1974. At the time, Cuban volunteer army and the Armed Forces of the Liberation of Angola had to sustain brutal attacks from mercenaries funded by South Africa’s apartheid regime. This film starkly shows the determination of the Cubans and the Angolan patriots as they fought against pro-apartheid forces.

Free of charge

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LIFEs 2017
Along with our partners, Komunitas Salihara proudly presents a festival of literature and ideas, LIFEs—a new name and format for Salihara’s Literary Biennale. This year’s theme is Viva! Reborn! focusing on “reading Latin America”.