• Performances

    Moving Critiques

    Night Stage: From the South

    Saturday, October 21, 2017, 07:30 PM

    Black Box Theatre

    Performer: Feby Indirani (Indonesia), Sergio Chejfec (Argentina), Veronica Stigger (Brazil)


The stage is not only a platform of live reading, but also a space for story and dialog between Indonesian and Latin American authors.

What will happen when Sergio Chejfec and Veronica Stigger, who usually convey their criticisms in a sarcastic manner, meets the author of Bukan Perawan Maria?

Supported by the Embassy of Colombia in Indonesia, Embassy of Mexico in Indonesia, Embassy of Brazil in Indonesia, Embassy of Argentina in Indonesia.

LIFEs 2017
Along with our partners, Komunitas Salihara proudly presents a festival of literature and ideas, LIFEs—a new name and format for Salihara’s Literary Biennale. This year’s theme is Viva! Reborn! focusing on “reading Latin America”.