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    Other Motherland

    Komang Rosie Clynes

    Sunday, October 28, 2018, 07:00 PM

    Salihara Black Box

    Performers: Arsita Iswardhani, Cassandra Sutjiadi Grant, Komang Rosie Clynes


A smart Jakarta-based artist. A Javanese woman who rarely leave Australia. A grieving Balinese-Australian woman. One night they meet in the outskirts of Melbourne and realize that they must begin to accept the memories and shadows that continue to haunt them.

Employing "dream logic", absurd comedy, and jokes in two languages, this presentation highlights issues of diaspora, nationality and nationalism, and cross-cultural connections. This play is by Komang Rosie Clynes, award-winning theater actor and creator from Melbourne, Australia. The performance has been written with the support of Asialink and The Malcolm Robertson Foundation.

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