• Film

    Pedro Páramo

    Latin American Cinema

    Sunday, October 22, 2017, 01:00 PM

    Studio Musik Salihara

    Director    : Carlos Velo
    Country    : Mexico

    Duration: 110 minutes

Adapted from Juan Rulfo's novel, Pedro Páramo, this is a story about a man's journey in search of his father, set at the beginning of the Mexican Revolutionary War. In his journey, he meets many people—alive or dead. Through these encounters, he is able to uncover a big secret about his father's life.

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LIFEs 2017
Along with our partners, Komunitas Salihara proudly presents a festival of literature and ideas, LIFEs—a new name and format for Salihara’s Literary Biennale. This year’s theme is Viva! Reborn! focusing on “reading Latin America”.