May 08, 2018 - September 03, 2018,
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Novels provide readers with psychological enrichment and perspective to help cultivate an understanding of human conditions and global problems. Reading and comparing Indonesian and foreign novels help expand one’s knowledge. Komunitas Salihara aims to promote intellectual development among our youths by, once again, organizing:

Comparative Literature Critique Competition for High School Students

Comparing the novel Jalan tak Ada Ujung by Mochtar Lubis (Indonesia) with Oeroeg by Hella S. Hasse (the Netherlands). This program was formally announced on National Awakening Day, May 20, 2018. Finals will be held on Youth Pledge Day, October 28, 2018.



1st place: IDR30,000,000

2nd place: IDR20,000,000

3rd place: IDR10,000,000

* Applicable taxes to be borne by winners


Deadline (email or postmark)

September 03, 2018


Terms & Conditions:

  • Participants are high school (SMU) students formed into groups of 3 (three) to 7 (seven) students. Each school may send more than one group. Participants are invited to give creative names for their respective groups.

  • Groups/schools unable to access the required books may contact the competition organizer via email to [email protected] We will forward to you the literary texts in question. 

  • As a group, participants will compare the two works and compose a critical review, in the Indonesian language. 

  • The aim of literary comparison is not to conclude which work is better, but to seek or discover rich contrasts in both works and their social-cultural-political contexts.

  • Please send in the reviews along with a short profile of each group member, and a formal approval letter from the group’s respective school (scanned) to: email: [email protected] with the subject line: Kompetisi Kritik Sastra Tingkat SMU_(school/group’s name). Hard copies must then be mailed to Komunitas Salihara, Jl. Salihara 16 Pasar Minggu Jakarta 12520 U.P. Program Komunitas Salihara, by 03 September 2018 the latest (based on email date or postmark).

  • First Stage of the jurying process will evaluate each review based on the quality of arguments, depth of understanding, as well as the grammar and linguistic style (aesthetics) of their review/text.

  • Organizers will invite finalists to Jakarta for presentation and debate, to be held on Youth Pledge Day.

  • Each shortlisted (finalist) group may choose their own style of presentation, with either a single-person speaker, or taking turns to present materials.

  • Second Stage of the jurying process will evaluate the group’s ability to convey ideas verbally, the quality of their presentation, and the way they defend their arguments in a debate setting.

  • Results and judge’s decisions are final.



On Jalan Tak Ada Ujung and Oeroeg

Jalan Tak Ada Ujung and Oeroeg are two short novels set in the same historical period: the tail end of colonialism. Jalan Tak Ada Ujung sees events from an Indonesian’s perspective, while Oeroeg looks at it from a Dutch perspective. Both novels provide us with greater and richer perspectives to help us understand more about this particular time in history.


Please check for terms and conditions of participation.

This program is possible with the support of the Ministry of Education and Culture.