• Discussion

    Arts and Politics: Reflecting on Malaysia’s Experience

    Speakers: Mark Teh and Fahmi Reza (Malaysia)

    Sunday, September 2, 2018, 04:00 PM

    Salihara Lobby

    In English


Taking the stage here at SIPFest 2018, the play Baling by Five Arts Center reconstructs an important historical event utilizing the archival letters of three of Malaysia's founding fathers: Tunku Abdul Rahman, David Marshal, and Chin Peng. Referencing the above performance, a discussion will also be held to talk and ruminate about art adaptations of historical and political events, especially theater adaptations. We will explore the Malaysian experience which intersects to an extent with Indonesia's early experience as a nation-state, especially concerning the role of Leftists/Communists in both nations and the fate that befell them.

SIPFest 2018

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