A Sunny Morning


April 06 - 07, 2019,
08:00 PM
Salihara Black Box

Playwright: Serafín and Joaquin Álvarez Quintero
Performers: Padepokan Seni Madura

Public: IDR65.000

Student: IDR35.000

Padepokan Seni Madura adapts A Sunny Morning, originally set in Spain, to fit into a village deep in the interiors of Sumenep, Madura. The two main characters of this play will not only try to recall and match their personal romantic memories, but will trade pantuns (folk poetry) with the accompaniment of tong-tong traditional music. They live among an agrarian tradition with a unique spoken literature form, and a patriarchic culture that demands a woman to seek “heaven under the sole of her husband’s foot”.

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