Jakarta Setelah 18:00

Performers: Kelas Akting I Salihara 2019

Saturday, April 13, 2019,
08:00 PM
Salihara Black Box

Director: Rukman Rosadi
Assistant Director: Muhammad Khan

Donation requested. No reservation needed.

Jakarta Setelah 18:00 follows the activities of people in Indonesia’s capital city once evening falls. This performance is, at its core, a collection of sketches describing the daily struggles of the body, mind, and feelings within the confines of time and space. Level 1 participants of Salihara Acting Class 2019 launch themselves off their empirical, observational, and analytical experiences. The knowledge they have received in class helps to sharpen various components required for acting—body, voice/sound, mind, and emotions—and provides a strong foundation for their performance.