Teater Kedai (Jakarta)

Saturday, April 28, 2018,
08:00 PM
Black Box Theater

Director: Anggiyandra Rahmadanti
Script: Fitriasari

Public: IDR75.000

Student: IDR50.000

Melankolia is adapted from three of the short stories found in Nokturnal Melankolia, by Angelina Enny who is also a member of Teater Kedai. Melankolia follows the stories of three women with bitter memories about love. Their personal experiences lead to anxieties about the worth of a woman.

Teater Kedai was formed in 2016 by the alumni of Salihara Acting Class of 2015. Teater Kedai's past performances include Barabah by Motinggo Busye and Penagih Hutang by Anton Chekov (Festival Teater Lampung, 2016); Kucing Hitam by Edgar Allan Poe (Sala Monolog, 2016), and Racun Tembakau by Anton Chekov (Hari Teater Sedunia, Solo, 2017).

Photo by  Bustan


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