Aditya Novali

Aditya Novali was born in Solo, Central Java on 17 November 1978. After completing his studies at the Architecture Department, Engineering Faculty, Parahyangan Catholic University, in Bandung (2002), he went to the Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Netherlands to further his studies. He graduated with a Masters degree in Conceptual Design (2008). He has participated in a number of group exhibitions since “Monumen Pers” (lit. the Press Monument), Solo, Central Java (1984); including “the CP Open Biennale 2003”, at the Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta; “Jakarta Biennale: Maximum City”, at the Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta (2011), as well as his most recent exhibition “Re.claim” also  the Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta (2012).

Meanwhile, he held his first solo exhibition at the Ancol Art Market, in 1989. This solo exhibition was accompanied by a shadow puppet play. Since then, he has presented a number of solo shows, including, “Transition”, at Bentara Budaya, Jakarta (1995); “Art Portable”, Artspace, Jakarta (2004); and “Indoscape: A Geo-History”, Canna Gallery, Jakarta (2011). Most recently, he presented his work, The Wall: Asian (Un)Real Estate Project in the Project Stage, Art Stage Singapore, at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore (2012). For this particular artwork, he made 160 model apartments made up of triangular wedges, with a different façade on each side: brickwork, prison door—prison apartment, and rows of windows that allow the visitors to see inside. This work was created as a critique of global real estate promotion.

Aditya Novali is a three-time finalist of the Indonesian Art Award (1997, 1999, and 2002) and a finalist of the Indonesian ASEAN Art Award (2010). He placed third at the 2010 Jakarta Art Award, a finalist of the Sovereign Asian Art Prize (2020), and received Best Artwork at BaCAA , Bandung Contemporary Art Award, 2010.

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