Afrizal Malna

Afrizal Malna writes poetry, short stories, novels, literary criticism and theater criticism, theater scripts and scenarios, in addition to editing books and producing video art. He was born in Jakarta in 1957, and he now lives and works in Yogyakarta. Afrizal once studied at Driyakara School of  Philosophy (did not finish). Taking images from daily life, Afrizal presents them together with the boisterousness and chaos from our existence today. He likes to look for connections between different objects in his poetry, which he describes as “a visual grammar of things”. Afrizal has participated in many poetry festivals, both domestic and abroad, amongst them Rotterdam International Poetry Festival, Rotterdam, the Netherlands (1995). His book of poetry, Teman-temanku dari Atap Bahasa (lit. My Friends from the Rooftops of Language, 2008) was selected as Best Literary Work 2009 by Tempo magazine. At the beginning of his career, his book of poetry Abad yang Berlari (lit. The Runaway Century, 1984) received the Hadiah Buku Utama (Buku Utama Award). His most recent book, a collection of his essays, is Perjalanan Teater Kedua: Antologi Tubuh dan Kata (lit. The Second Theater Journey: An Anthology of Body and Work, 2010).

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