Alfi Zachkyelle

Once studied formally at the Visual Communication Design Department, Faculty of Art, Jakarta Art Institute for five years. Although he did not complete his studies, he is now known as a productive comic artist. No less than 33 comic titles have been published in book form, or published in various media such as Fikro Magz, Sektekomik, Buletin Koin, Tabloid Agenda, Planet Pop Magz, Indie Blue for Adult, Tabloid Komika, Mythosickomik, M&C Gramedia. From 1996 to 2009, he worked as visual communication designer and consultant for Help ev, a German company, and Bank Indonesia. Alfi is the creator of the main character of Meraih Mimpi, produced by Infinity Frameworks Studios (based in Batam and Singapore). He is also the creator, director, producer, and scriptwriter for Vatalla Sang Pelindung (Vatalla, the Protector) for Trans7, Jakarta. He has participated in Asia Europe Comic Project comic workshop in Singapore, hosted by the Asia Europe Foundation. As well as being exhibited in various comic exhibitions in Indonesia, Singapore, and Japan, his works have also received comic award and best cover art design award at the Asia Comic Festival in Bandung.

Pameran Komik 2011