Amalia Kartika Sari alias Loveshugah

Loveshugah (Amalia Kartika Sari) is a freelance graphic designer. She graduated from the Department of Visual Communication Design, the Faculty of Art, Bandung Institute of Technology. She has worked for various clothing company in Bandung and Jakarta, including Charets, Rockmen, Cynical MD, UNKL347, and Screamous. She has also designed for Kiimono (UK), Creative Gen (The Netherlands), Sunday Outfit (Romania), and Woot Shirt (US). Amalia has designed for various magazines, such as Jeune, Vektorika, Concept, and BabyBoss. She has also created the logo and band-identity for a US-based electro-band, Ultraviolet Sound. Amalia has participated in various exhibitions:Ranger Bastard, showcasing an artistic collaboration, in Bandung (2004); invited to participate in Der Ach exhibition where she created custom sneakers and mural art, taken part in Black Urban Art Final, Bandung (2007); and had her solo exhibition, titled Happily (N)ever After in Jakarta (2010).

Pameran Seni Vektor 2011