Ariela Kristantina

Founded Seven Blue Art Land Studio, and is actively involved as coordinator and comic artist at this comic studio since January 2006. She studied at the International Design School, majoring in Maya Autodesk and Adobe Design Premium CS3, as well as attending a typography course at the same educational institution. In 2006, she published Indonesia.s first manga magazine, Splash, introducing the terminology for Indonesian manga: maqita. Since 2009, Ariela organized, arranged, and taught comic courses at Imaqination, Jakarta. She came in Top Five at the Ngomik, Yuk! comic competition hosted by the Faculty of Art and Design, Bandung Institute of Technology. In addition to publishing her own works through the studio she founded, a number of her works have been published by other publishers, such as The Quest for Princess Zhafira #2 (December 2009, Erlangga for Kids), 101 Peraturan Konyol Dunia(101 World.s Absurd Rules, February 2010: Cendana Art Media), and Sejejak Harap (A Trace of Hope, August 2010: M&C Gramedia). Her solo exhibition, Manusia/Jejak (Human/Trace), was presented in Bali, Semarang, and Yogyakarta. She has been involved in various group exhibitions, such as Codex Code (2010), and A Journey to Wonderland (2009).

Pameran Komik 2011