Ario Anindito

Began to draw and sketch when he was six years old. His formal education in architecture fosters his disciplined and systematic approach, both of which are valuable in developing his artistic concepts. In addition, his personal interest in European, American, and Japanese comics has also helped in building his drawn characters. In 2008, the main protagonists in his comic, Nadya and the Painkillers, have been chosen time and again to represent various commercial brands, as we can see in advertising campaigns such as XL Bebas Promo and Honda Vario Indonesia. In addition,Nadya, the titular character, has been selected as one of Indonesia.s new comic book icon, exhibited at the Pekan Produk Budaya Indonesia (Indonesian Cultural Product Week) 2008 in Jakarta. The same comic has also been selected as one of ten participants in Bandung.s 24 Artist.s Bio Hours Comic Day 2008. In 2007, he was invited to exhibit in Artist Alley, part of the annual international event, Singapore.s Toys Gamers Comics Convention 2009.

Pameran Komik 2011