Dhanank Pambayun alias Evergrunge

Evergrunge (Dhanank Pembayun) is a digital illustrator, graduated from AKSERI Yogyakarta who has gone to establish Evergrunge, official space to exhibit his professional works, and Project a space to publish online graphic novels. He has created illustrations for various commercial bands, editorials and has been involved in a number of online- and offline- art exhibitions, such as The Outstanding Rock Short Film and Video Festival, Ohio (2004); Digital Spirit Republicart Project, Yogyakarta (2006); UK Digital Art Show, an annual digital art exhibition held in England (2006); Massive Offline International Digital Art Exhibition, Jakarta (2006); and Selvolution, Jogjaforce,Yogyakarta (2008), ArtCafe Exhibition in Moskwa (2010) and NINH, a fashion show and art exhibition

in New York (2010). He was requested by ARDT Singapore to participate as T-shirt illustrator for the Holy Suicideproject in 2009; as well as providing his illustration design, Cosmos in Lap, for the Backstage Designers Book, published by Uberbook (2010). His vector art works were featured as promotional materials for Puma Football Series as commissioned by Robert/ Boisen & Like Minded, DK (2008); and Honda New CBR 600 RR promo materials commissioned by Dailey Adv & Assoc., US (2007).

Pameran Seni Vektor 2011