Dipo Andy

Dipo Andy was born in Seteluk, Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara, August 21, 1975. He studied art at ISI Yogyakarta (1992-1999). His paintings are very much influenced by Pop Art. He often creates paintings based on images of the world’s most well-known figures—movie stars, artists, sports personalities, heads of state, etc—while still providing his unique personal touches on them. He also conducts experiments using computer graphics to give a holographic effect to his works.

His latest works appeared at Art Stage Singapore 2013, alongside those by other Indonesian and international artists. His most recent solo exhibition was Appropriating Marginality, Emmitan CA Gallery, Surabaya (2012). Previous solo exhibitions include Passion Fashion, Semarang Gallery, Semarang (2008); Mirror: Masters Revisited, Vanessa Art Link, Jakarta (2006); Bolart: Choreography of Soccer (Serigraphy of 750 World Cup players’ faces, 2002), Museum Olah Raga [Sports Museum], TMII, Jakarta (2002); Muka-kamu-amuk-muak (Serigraphy of 500 faces of Indonesian Parliament Members, 1994-2004), National Museum of Indonesia, Jakarta (2001); Feminografi, Gelaran Budaya Yogyakarta (2000); Voice of Nation, Intaran Gallery, Bandung (1999).

He has participated in many group exhibitions since 1995. In addition to Art Stage Singapore 2013, his most recent involvements include Legacy, Esa Sampoerna Museum, Surabaya; Re-Claimed, Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta; ArtJog 12, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, and Indonesian Creative Power, Epiwalk Epicentrum, Jakarta (2012).

Dipo Andy has received many art awards. In 1992, his painting was awarded Best Painting by ISI Yogyakarta. He was amongst the five who won 1999 Philip Morris Indonesia Art Awards. He was finalist at the 1995 and 1998 Philip Morris Indonesia Art Awards.

Pameran Tunggal Dipo Andy 2013