Hanafi was born in Purworejo,Central Java, in July 05, 1960. He graduated from the Fine Art School (SSRI)Yogyakartain 1979.

He doesn’t only produce paintings, but also installations, both exhibited in solo exhibitions and in collaboration projects with other artists, such as in theater, dance and literature performances. In fact, at his studio in Pancoran Mas, Depok, he and his wife, Adinda Luthvianti, give art training for the local kids. His paintings mainly bring back the fame of abstract paintings that were deserted in the 1990s by Indonesian artists.

Since early 1990s up to this year, Hanafi has held 37 solo exhibitions and 78 group exhibitions. His first solo exhibition that was recorded was at the Hilton Executive Club, Jakartain 1993. Since that, almost every year or two, he would have a solo exhibition. The latest exhibition was the Migrasi Kolong Meja series at Galeri Semarang and Komaneka Fine Art Gallery, Ubud. Previous to that exhibition were Hanafi Solo Exhibition, in Ciptadana, Jakarta, and Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong (2011); Saat Usia Lima Puluh, Komaneka Fine Art Gallery, Ubud, and Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta (2010); Of Spaces and Shadows, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung, dan Galeri Salihara, Jakarta (2009); Tiga Hari dalam Sepatu, Bentara Budaya Jakarta (2005); Sepuluh Tahun Pertama, Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta (2002); and Sabuk-Sabuk Hanafi, Gorong-gorong Budaya, Depok (2005). Meanwhile, his group exhibitions were, among others, Restart, ICAD 2013, Grand Kemang Hotel, Jakarta (2013); Ekspansi, Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta (2011); Art Beijing 2008, National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing (2008); and the 10th Jakarta Biennale, Galeri Cipta II, TIM (1996).

His collaboration works with other artists were, for instance, Mirah Mini: Your Life, Your Miracle, with novelist Nukila Amal, dia.lo.gue Art Space, Jakarta (2012); Hujan Mencari Kali, with Hikmat Gumelar and Adinda Luthvianti, Padjadjaran University, Bandung (2010); and Window, with Liem Fei Shen (Singaporean choreographer) and Maxine Heppner (Canadian dancer), Substation, Singapore (2002).

Hanafi has won sesveral art awards, naming a few, Anugerah Kebudayaan FIB UI (2005), Finalist for Indofood Art Awards (2003, 2002) and the 10 Best of Philip Morris Indonesia Art Awards.