Handiwirman Saputra

Handiwirman Saputra is an artist who was born in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra in 1975. He completed his art education at the Craft Department, Indonesian Art Institute, Yogyakarta, where he still resides. He helped establish the art group, Jendela (Window). He is a member of the Sakato Art Community. He creates paintings, sculptures and installations. His paintings are created with realist techniques, to reflect the still life, to show painted objects reminiscent of sculptures. Meanwhile, his installations make use of a variety of things and found objects, such as threads, wire, paper, plastic, fabric, and hair. The objects he painted and positioned to appear as is, demonstrate the tension between art and not-art, moving between the abstract and the realist, while at the same time challenging our ways of seeing.

He has held various solo exhibitions since his first show in 1999. The most recent was “Tak Berakar, Tak Berpucuk” (lit. No Roots, No Shoots), organized by Nadi Gallery and held at the Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta. Prior to that: “Things: The Order of Handiwirman” at Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta (2002), and “Provocative Objects”, Galeri Lontar, Jakarta (2000). He has also participated in no less than 21 group exhibitions since 2001. Amongst them: “Collectors’ Stage: Asian Contemporary Art from Private Collections”, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore (2011); 2nd CP Biennale: Urban/Culture, Museum Bank Indonesia, Jakarta (2005); and “Contemporary Craft”, Indonesian National Gallery (2001).

In 2004, his exhibition “Apa-Apanya Dong?” (Something Appearing as Nothing?) at Galeri Nadi, Jakarta, received Best Artwork 2004 award from Tempo magazine.

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