Hardiman Radjab

Hardiman Radjab, was born in Malang, East Java on 13 July 1960. He completed his art education at the Woodcrafts Department, Faculty of Art, IKJ in 1987; and has been lecturing at his alma mater since 1995. His installation works are easily identifiable through his use of suitacases and trunks, along with all the objects and stories contained therein, as well as sculptures, dioramas, and decorated cars. Through suitcases, he tells the story of human lives that keep moving and changing, finite and futile. In arranging these suitcases, Hardiman always takes into account dramatic elements similar to those applied to human bodies in theatrical performances.

Since 2002, Hardiman has participated in no less than 45 group exhibitions. Amongst them: “CP Open Biennale: Interpelation”, Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta (2003); 12th Jakarta Biennale, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta (2006); and “Expansi” (Expansion), Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta (2011). In addition are his solo exhibitions, “Serikat Barang” (lit. Union of Things”), Galeri Cipta II, TIM, Jakarta (2002); “Riwayat Koper” (lit. History of Suitcases), Galeri Lontar, Jakarta (2006); “Berkoper-koper Cerita” (Trunks full of Stories), Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta (2007). The latter was shown again at Yaitu Art House, Semarang and Soemardja Gallery, Bandung. In addition to working on his art projects, he also works as artistic director for various theatrical performances, especially those by Teater Tanah Air, Jakarta.

In 2006, Hardiman Radjab received the Satyalancana Wira Karya medal from the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono; and was chosen as Best Artwork 2006 by Tempo magazine. The latter was awarded on the strength of his exhibition, “Riwayat Koper” at Galeri Lontar, Jakarta.

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