Henry Foundation

Henry Foundation He is a graphic art graduate from Jakarta Art Institute (IKJ). Henry uses video, photography, graphics, and painting to produce his works. He has had several solo exhibitions: Dance Music, at IKJ.s Underground Room, Jakarta (2000); and Copy-Paste Extraordinaire at Ruru Gallery, Jakarta (2009). Since 1999, Henry has often been involved in various local and international art exhibitions, including: Half-Century of Graphic Art at Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta and Bentara Budaya Jakarta (2000); Wishful Thinking: Public Art Project in Dresden, Germany (2001); Top Collection: Photography Project at Ruru Gallery, Jakarta (2004); OK. Video Militia, Jakarta Video Art Festival at the Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta (2006); Move On Asia 2010: Single Channel Video Art Festival at Alternative Space Loop in Seoul, Korea (2010); The Ultimate Time Lapse Megamix, 2010 Next Wave Festival in Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia (2010).