Irwan Ahmett

Irwan Ahmett is an artist and graphic design with Graphic Design background from the Jakarta Art Institute (IKJ). In the past ten years, Irwan actively designs for Ahmett Salina, the graphic design studio he founded together with his wife, Tita Salina. Irwan’s works are often results of collaborations and interventions involving public participation. During this period, Irwan has been involved in many projects and independent campaigns, such as Change Yourself, Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta (2004-2006); Happiness, ruangrupa, Jakarta (2007-2008), and Urban Play, DGI-Online, Jakarta (2010-2011). Irwan is also involved in various events as speaker, such as at: TEDx Jakarta; The Versatile Image International Conference, Sunderland University, UK; Electric Palm Tree on the Road, Den Haag, the Netherlands. Throughout 2011,  Irwan traveled and collaborated with communities and local population in a number of countries he visited—the Netherlands, England, Poland, Turkey,  Iran—in addition to  involvements with residency programs there.

Rupa Belanja, Rupa Kota 2012