Komroden Haro

Komroden Haro is an artist born in Baturaja, South Sumatra, 26 May 1966. He graduated from the Faculty of Art and Design, ISI in Yogyakarta. He still resides in that city. His sculptures are made from stone, resin, metal, or wood. At the beginning of his career, he tended to create realistic-looking sculptures. Subsequently, his sculptures began to be symbolic works. In his solo exhibition “Mencatat Batu” (lit. Recording Stone) at the Taman Budaya Yogyakarta (2011), for instance, he once again presented stones and their images. There, stones did not appear merely for their unyielding characteristics, or as something that can be made into anything. They appeared weightless and floating, even as a story-telling medium. They did not remain as stones, often found by the river or in a rice field, but they were able to undergo the process of personification or to be transformed into food.

As as sculptor, Komroden does not work only on his sculpture projects; he also receives commissions from other people at his studio in Kasihan, Bantul, Yogyakarta. This way, in maintaining the workshop/studio tradition, he is able to work on the things that become his creative projects, not limited to creating concepts and handing those concepts over to other people.

In addition to his solo exhibitions, Komroden has participated in no less than 78 group exhibitions since 1986. Amongst them: “Chair and Bones II”, Tonyraka Art Gallery, Bali (2012); “Ekspansi”, Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta (2011); “Jogja Biennale X”, Yogyakarta (2009); “Jejak Emosi Jejak Perunggu” (lit. Traces of Emotion, Traces of Bronze), Galeri Canna, Jakarta (2002); and “Seni Patung Indonesia” (Indonesian Sculptures), Purna Wijaya, Yogyakarta (1986).

Simpangan 2012