Lee Hyun-jin

As a child, Lee Hyun-jin was immersed in comic books and dreamed of becoming a cartoonist. Later on, after spending some time as an illustrator, producing not-so remarkable drawings, Lee developed an enthusiasm for movement and left Korea to study animation. Upon returning, she became an otaku painter obsessed with details. Lee still draws comics, paints and makes animations and figures. Recently, being influenced by fictional stories after reading a comic book, Lee is creating rebellious works, as if she’s an adolescent girl.  Lee Hyun-jin graduated from Hongik University’s Department of Painting, and studied animation at UCLA graduate school. She held solo exhibitions at Kwanhoon Gallery (2013), Vit Gallery (2011) and Pyo Gallery (2009), and her works were included in group exhibitions such as The Publics Extended – Who Imagines the Public? (2013).