Mega is a French vector-artist who calls Bali his homebase since 2008. His works can be found in publications and media in various parts of the world, like Novum (Germany), Faesthetic (US), Men.s Health (Germany), Is Not (Australia),Clark Magazine (France), and BabyBoss (Indonesia). He has worked on an exclusive advert for Nike ID in Clark Magazine(2006), as well as an advertising commissioned for the launch of the VW Tiguan (2007). Since 2007, and for the following three years, he maintains a regular segment showcasing his works in Complex, a US cross-cultural and life-style magazine. In 1998, he co-founded Middle Class, a graffiti collective based in the South of France. Two years later, he became Assistant Artistic Director for Kink magazine, combining in-depth sports- and urban culture-news with fresh graphic designs. He then became artistic director for WAD magazine.a platform for photographers, artists, and designers to showcase their fashion-related work. Since 2006, Mega has worked as a freelance designer and illustrator providing visual designs for skateboards, magazines, clothing, and advertising. In addition, he has participated in various exhibitions, such as Forward 3, France (2010); No Comply, Australia (2007); as well as Gaga Experience (2010), and Sergeant Paper (2011), both of which were held in France.

Pameran Seni Vektor 2011