Mie Cornoedus

Mie Cornoedus is a graphic designer and photographer who was born in Belgium, 13 April 1962. She has been living in Yogyakarta since the Nineties. She graduated with a degree in Social and Cultural Science from SHH Heverlee, Leuven, Belgium (1983). In 1995, she founded and became CEO of ViaVia Yogyakarta, a gallery that promotes contemporary art, in addition to being a meeting point for many people, and also as a travel agency. As a professional photographer, Mie has given many photography workshops and has participated in a number of photography exhibitions since 2003, both in Indonesia and abroad. Last year, she participated in a photography biennial held in Tokyo, Japan, and in February of this year, she gave her solo photography exhibition, Human vs. Nature at En Kopp kafe, Bodø, Norway. Prior to that, her exhibitions include, India from a Different Perspective, ViaVia Yogyakarta (2009) and Portrait of Papua, Bella Vita Gallery, Yogyakarta (2008), as well as a number of other exhibitions held in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Gent (Belgium).

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