Mufti -Amenk Priyanka

Mufti “Amenk” Priyanka is an artist who was born in Bandung, West Java, 5 July 1980. His undergraduate study was at the Department of Art Education, Indonesian Education University, Bandung, majoring in Fine Art Studio. Amenk's works embark from daily issues addressed through a personal approach. [They are] stories about the life of young people, wild and in collision with convention, in addition to a modern gothic feel. He calls his works as “being influenced by very typical Urban Romanticism, combined with a global-localist spirit of modern Indonesian society today.” His works are expressed through china ink and acrylic which he placed upon paper and canvas. His most recent solo exhibition was “Sleborz” at Padi Art Ground, Bandung (2011).

Domestic Stuff 2012