Nasirun S.Sn

Nasirun S.Sn was born in Cilacap, Central Java, on 01 October 1965. As a child, he developed a fondness for wayang kulit not just for its tales, but also for the forms, ornamentations, and colors. It was what inspired him to enroll in the Crafts Department at SMSR (ArtHigh School),Yogyakarta. Upon graduating SMSR, he continued his studies at the Department of Painting, the Faculty of Art, ISI Yogyakarta (1987—1994). In addition to painting, he also designs batik.


His solo exhibitions include the one held at Mirota Campus, Yogyakarta and Cafe Solo, Bank Bali, Yogyakarta (1993); and Ngono Yo Ngono, Mung Ojo Ngono (It is what it is, but don't be like it), Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta (1999) and Nadi Gallery, Jakarta (2002). His most recent solo show was, Salam Bekti (Expressions of Respect), Sangkring Art Space, Yogyakarta (2009), an exhibition held to commemorate the thousandth day since the passing of his mother, Supiah. Meanwhile, group exhibitions he has participated in include the exhibition for the Summit Event of Bali Biennale 2005; People Need the Lord, a group exhibition of photography, graphic art, and painting, Jakarta (2006), The 9th Jogja Biennale: Neo-Nation (2007), Un[real], Indonesian National Gallery, (2009); and Common Sense, Indonesian National Gallery,Jakarta (2010).


Nasirun has received numerous art awards, amongst others First and Second places at Banyumas Sports and Arts Week; Runner-Up at a calligraphy competition; and Winner of the Cilacap Tourism Promotion Competition. Further, he was Runner-up a moneybox painting competition, Dies Natalis Sastra UGM (Anniversary of UGM Faculty of Letters). He received awards for Best Sketch and Best Painting, ISI Yogyakarta; McDonald Award at the 1oth Lustrum of ISI Yogyakarta; as well as the 1997 Philip Morris Award.


A study on Nasirun's works has been compiled and written by Suwarno Wisetrotomo in Dunia Mistik dan Tradisi dalam Kanvas Nasirun (The Mystic World and Tradition in Nasirun's Canvases; Yogyakarta: Siswanto Art Dealer, 1993).

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